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Mythology of Women and Goddesses

To friends, fathers and lovers... Men, and women in general looking for practical tools to get to know themselves better and to better understand the women of their life!

Narrow cultural stereotypes reduce our understanding of the diversity of the feminine, leaving us with unclear guidelines to make sense of our experiences.

Mythology and Jungian psychology offer us tools of introspection that help us to take a step back and see "the whole picture" to understand, grow, and overcome the obstacles common to the feminine experience.

In this beautiful conference, you will rediscover the stories and myths of seven prominent Greek pantheon goddesses and their Jungian interpretation as universal archetypes that influence the psyche and life of women.

Bereavement, motherhood, vulnerability, infidelity, competitiveness, a sense of independence, and sensuality are universal experiences in a woman's life, and each of these comes with its share of challenges and paths of recovery and transformation.

With its stories so rich in symbolism, Greek mythology offers precious tools that help us better understand the ways of the feminine and the avenues for transformation to its everyday experiences.


About Nina

Passionate about Greek Mythology, I will walk you through the different myths and their interpretations from a perspective that is far from being academic yet based on the richness and depth of the work of renowned authors such as Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen, Joseph Campbell, and Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés.

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