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Content Strategy & Informational Products



How is your productivity being impacted by the explosive growth of informational input. Inbox zero is death, and surely you have stopped organizing your work towards "getting everything done".


Creativity is the New Productivity, and it's about understanding and embracing the creative process, to commit to practice and to a deliver process.


Searching for approval and permission will only hold you back, realize that everyone is trying to figuring things out!

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Design Age series

Creativity and design are the new top human skills to navigate life and create value.


#Medium #bookproject #talks #series

Nina also writes for UX COLLECTIVE, the largest Design publication on Medium.

True Stories about Animals

#book #ongoingproject

12 short stories about animals of all sorts from Honduras, Colombia and France.

These stories will have parents and kids talking about possibilities, when exploring nature from a magical realism perspective. 

The stories have been finalized and the book is to be published in 2023

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Local Lab Noumea

Founded by Nina Polo, in 2019, during the worldwide LinkedIn Local Movement. LinkedIn Local Noumea has grown to become the fourth biggest entrepreneur and professional network in New-Caledonia

Join us on LinkedIn to be informed about our next events.

Former LinkedIn Local Noumea

Leading the conversation through quality content production and business events in New Caledonia.

4rth largest professional network in New Caledonia



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Video Production
#videomaking #storytelling #socialnetworks

Actually it’s true, there’s no better way to tell your story!

Reach out and tell me more about your project or check out my previous work in our social media channels, I’ll be delighted to help.

Some personal projects include documentaries about culture and diversity. Soon in Youtube

There's perhaps no better way to tell your story !

English & French

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Podcast School

A simple program that will get you launching and growing your podcast in 2-3 weeks. Info HERE

#Purpose #interviews #worldwide

Quarantine Phone Calls


Born during the initial Covid-19 lockdown in early 2020, a group of inspired hosts set out on a mission:
To record uplifting, interesting phone calls with people from all over the world to give them a space to share their extraordinary stories.

Découvrez les nouveaux épisodes ici sur Spotify, ou sur votre plateforme habituelle.

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sTay TuNed

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Merci pour votre confiance !

#art #exhibition #practice

A series of paints portraying black cats. It's about the study of color behavior and the search of the perfect minimal brush stroke...

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