Let's retreat into the Malibu Mountains

TEMECULA, CA May 27th - 29th 

The investment is $350 

What to expect? 

This is a retreat for the soul.  It is an opportunity to connect to nature and ourselves by tapping into the power of horses, meditation and yoga. 

We will be camping at Peaceful Hearts for Change Ranch, a heaven for horses and humans alike. There is nothing like sleeping outside to reconnect us to the earth. By stripping things down to the basics we can regain a sense of gratitude for the little things in life. 

So, in a nutshell you can expect: camping, yoga, meditation, campfires (hopefully the wind won’t screw that up), an equine (horse) assisted growth playshop, hiking, poor to no cell reception, very very limited wifi, plant based whole foods and a pool for those desert sun rays! 

What we will provide: 

  • Food
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Campsites
  • Equine Assisted Growth Sessions
  • Views

What to bring:

Basically your regular camping set up, it gets hot during the day and cold at night so be prepared for temperature changes. A reusable water bottle, a towel for the pool, bathing suit, a pair of closed toed shoes and a hat might come in handy, sun screen probably too. 

What not to bring and not to expect: 

The Equine Assisted Growth Program at Peaceful Hearts for Change teaches us self awareness and leadership skills through interaction with horses, not through riding, so if you expect to gallop into the sunset with no shirt on you may encounter disappointment. To learn more about Kedra and her amazing herd of horses click here

Since this is a retreat to reconnect to self we try to stay away from distractions like phones, alcohol, magic mushrooms or whatever you kids are into these days. So, leave your devices and vices at home and come be with yourself and others. Yay! 

To sign up or to ask me any questions you may have simply shoot me an email at nina.polo@gmail.com or if you have my number give me a call :) 

This retreat is limited to 10 people. Also: THIS IS A RUSTIC SITUATION. There won't be regular comforts like flushing toilets or warm showers, so please be prepared to rough it a bit ;) 

​K, love you bye! 

Yoga | Camping | Horses


So what's the deal? What is Camp Yoga all about?

We love camping, yoga, nature, delicious food, mediation, surfing and the beach and we wanted to combine all of those things into one retreat for an affordable price… And we did.  This retreat is all about digital, physical and mental detoxification, so we are leaving our phones, drinks and ready to eat meals behind and exchanging them for all of the other things we love!

Awesome, I’m down! So what are the details?

When: July 17th – 19th - Friday 2pm check in - Sunday noon check out

Where: Leo Carrillo State Park, California...A campground that is connected to the beach, while nestled next to the mountains, less than an hours drive from the South Bay. 

Cost: $299 by June 15th, $399 regular price

What’s included: Yoga, Meditation, Camp Site, Amazing Organic Vegetarian Food, Camp Fire, Good ol' Camp Vibes (let’s hope Matt brings his ukulele), Mocktails, Games, Fun

What to bring: tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and pillow (or bedding if you wanna glamp it up), reusable water bottle, toiletries, surfboard/SUP/Boogie Board (if you have one), yoga matt and props (again, if you have them), beach towel and regular towel, headlamp, camping chair (another ‘if you have it’ item), and musical instrument (if you play one)

What not to bring: alcohol (that’s the whole point of detoxing, right?), food (you can, but you will be fed plenty of healthy delicious food), electronic devices (you can bring your phone but we will keep it safe for you while on the retreat).

Why no phones? 

You know when you are at a bar with someone and they go to the restroom and your first instinct is to grab your phone? That’s why. We love technology, we appreciate all it does for us but we believe that sometimes we need to step away from it to remind ourselves what it is like to be human. When we disconnect from our devices we have space to reconnect with ourselves, each other, nature and all the things happening in real time around us. It creates presence and authenticity. 

Ok, I get it. But what if I need to check my phone for emergencies? 

We will have one phone at the retreat and we will give you the number to give to all of your loved ones in case of emergency, so all is good. 

I still have questions. How do I get answers?

No problem, you can always contact us with any questions, email us (emails below) with all your concerns or questions or enthusiasm about the upcoming retreat… 

I want to go... how do I sign up?

Unplugged style...Bring a check or cash to Matt or Nina


or if it's easier... Just send us an email…

Nina : nina.polo@gmail.com or 

Matt: rotherto@gmail.com


What to expect:

You can expect a full day of nourishment for mind, body and soul. This retreat is designed to remind us of all the things we can do to connect to ourselves in order to feel good, healthy, joyful and balanced.

Wholesome, homemade, plant based food; asana practice (all levels of yoga practice welcome), salt-water pool and Jacuzzi, nature hikes and meditation, sound bath and essential oils all improve our well-being. We believe that healthy individuals create healthy communities, and that’s what we are aiming for.

The Malibu Mountains are a perfect setting for this retreat as it reminds us that it is possible to maintain balance with nature without having to abstain from the modern world.

The facts:

Location: Casa Blanca, Malibu

Date: February 20th 2016

Arrival: 9am

Departure: 8pm

Cost: $160

What is included?  


  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Sound bath
  • Good Vibes

What’s not included?

Transportation, we encourage carpooling and are happy to connect people who live close to each other.

Great, I’m ready to sign up. What’s next?

If you have any other questions end an email to nina.polo@gmail.com or give me a call at 310.848.3504

Or pay via paypal - ninapolowieja@gmail.com THIS RETREAT IS SOLD OUT

​This is where you will be :) 




Camping with Horses - Temecula, CA


...for a day that will feel like a massage for the soul.